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A setting of great privy

We enter a puzzling world driven by the popular beliefs reflected in collectibles. Welcome to the world of the great collector!

An atmosphere with a flair for nature

which attaches great importance to the art of accumulation, the amassing of treasures from the animal, plant and mineral worlds. Desaturated colours such as marsala red, bottle green and wine red are enriched with gold to create a soft and velvety ambiance, enhanced by heavy curtains and spot lighting.

The great collector!

Did you know?

The cabinet of curiosities, a concept that appeared during the Renaissance period, was a response to the need to collect objects from nature, but also exotic objects created by man or scientific instruments. Having been replaced by natural history museums, the concept is now being reinterpreted in the world of interior decor in order to create versatile and at the same time mysterious atmospheres.

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