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Recycled paint

Do you want to change your interior decor? Awaken your inspiration with the trendy colours of our new range of CIRCOULEUR paints.... By choosing this paint, you are opting for a responsible decoration, respectful of your health and that of your loved ones.

These high quality paints, more than 70% of which come from the recycling of old paints, reduce the carbon footprint by 80%. They emit little VOC and ensure better indoor air quality.

Discover the 14 satin finish shades of this collection which has been developed with the PECLERS group, consulting specialist in trends, style and innovation.

Decorative associations

We go for blues and greys for a sober, elegant and masculine atmosphere. For a responsible and environmentally friendly decoration, we combine our CIRCOULEUR paint range with our TALIA non-woven wallpaper and our GUMA baskets. The wallpaper is ecological, as it is PVC-free and does not contain any plasticisers, thinners or liquid components. The baskets are made of recycled tires, which combine strength and authenticity.

Beiges and pinks are combined to create a refined, modern and bright atmosphere. For a responsible and environmentally-friendly decoration, we combine our CIRCOULEUR paint range with our recycled glass vases and the SKIN collection of cushions and carpets, all made of 100% recycled leather strips.

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