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Set sail for a warm and refreshing summer

This summer, 4MURS is setting sail! Whether in the Hamptons, an upscale seaside resort on the east coast of the United States, or on the beaches of Cornwall, England, the salty air tickles our nostrils and the fine sand caresses our feet. Our luggage is packed and waiting for us on the beach: the holidays can begin.


Among seashells and shellfish....

...it is not easy to find a place on the hot sand to relax in the sun for long hours. Once settled in, be careful not to turn red like a lobster. The song of the seagulls serves as a wake-up call, just in time, for a game of petanque. The ocean is within reach for an invigorating swim and a refreshing discovery as you explore the seabed. A treasure chest may be hiding there, or perhaps you'll cross paths with tonight's tasty menu. Either way, the fruit of this fishing swim will allow you to finish the day with a delicious barbecue and, for the more adventurous, a mythical midnight bath will follow.

The Seaside collection


Wallpaper, paint, armchairs, lighting, vases, wall decorations, lobsters ornaments... Check out the entire Seaside collection!

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