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Traditional Scottish charm

Tartan is the icon of the Highlands and a symbol of national identity in Scotland. It is also the star of this collection. This fabric, made of horizontal and vertical stripes of different colours, was first mentioned in Scotland in the 16th century. It has traversed the decades as a symbol of protest and non-conformism, but also as an indication of one's social group: it is common to associate each Scottish clan or family with a single tartan. However, this famous motif was banned in 1746, as was the kilt, in order to control Scottish warriors and their clans. A few years later, both were unbanned and became central elements of Scottish culture.

Typically famous as the motif seen on Scottish kilts, today the tartan pattern can be found on clothing, household linen, and decorative accessories. In your home, it will be perfect to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. Thanks to the multitude of possible variations, it will easily adapt to your style for a decoration that is "So Scottish"!

Did you know?

There is a Scottish Tartan Register on which you can register your own design if it is unique and in accordance with good craftsmanship. In this database, you will find thousands of tartans with various patterns and colours!

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