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Re-draw the lines, we'll set the pace!

With the Fun Lines collection, breathe your passion for sport into your style and home! The walls become your playground: the ground markings change dimension for a distinctly urban and fresh interplay of lines and colours.


On the playground where bright sunny yellow and vibrant twilight blue clash, graphite grey takes on the role of referee. The encounter is colourful, playful and uplifting, accompanied by catchy music!

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Enhancing the concrete grey of buildings in the city, basketball courts are not afraid of colour. Discover these open air works of art:
*PARK'N'PLAY in Copenhagen.


Kettlebell, skipping rope, basketball, resistance bands... Fun Lines brings together the very best of fitness accessories to make your sports practice as fun as it is rewarding. You can even treat yourself to the services of a personal trainer with a smart wristband that allows you to improve and progress with every workout!

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Discover our current favourites among the Sport Apps:
*FITBIT COACH for tailor-made training;
*FREELETICS for those who want to push their limits;
*INSCAPE for a gentle cool-down.


In this energetic world, accessories are both effective and practical: a versatile sports bag lets you go straight from office to gym; high-performance earbuds keep you focused even when the pace increases; an ultra-light water bottle provides hydration while you keep a smooth stride.

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Sport is also about theory; discover the valuable advice of authors who are passionate about sport in this reading selection:
"Science of Running: Analyse your Technique, Prevent Injury, Revolutionize your Training" by Chris Napier (DK);
"The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free--For Life" by Nicholas Romanov ( Penguin Random House USA);
"Plant-Based Sports Nutrition" by D. Enette Larson-Meyer (Human Kinetics).

Music on!

Whether out on your morning run or in the gym, the ultra-lightweight Nomad+ in-ear headphones will take you anywhere. Voted best audio product in 2018, they were designed by Divacore, the French start-up company redefining the codes of audio technology with products imbued with both simplicity and perfection.

With their innovative wireless design, these earbuds offer exceptional and stable sound with maximum comfort for your ears. Connect to your favourite playlist with Bluetooth 5.0 to workout to music, or play sports safely with the outdoor sports mode which allows you to hear noises and potential dangers around you. With an autonomy of three to four hours, your session, whether short or long, won't be interrupted. Thanks to the charging case, which acts as an external battery, you can charge the earbuds while you grab a shower. An audio innovation with state-of-the-art technology at a mini price!

Put on your running shoes and keep pace with your favourite playlist

Sport on the move

Want to develop your strength? Choose the legendary kettlebells, weighted with sand and covered with fabric. Or have fun during your workout and improve your running endurance with the skipping ropes. Whatever your sports goal, you will find the ideal fitness accessory for an inspiring and motivating workout.
For more than 25 years, the French brand SVELTUS has been designing and perfecting accessories that combine functionality and innovation, for both indoor and outdoor use.

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