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The wild jungle reaches out to us!

Your friends have invited you to a heatwave happy hour under the coconut palms, where we've taken the opportunity to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere for you to get away from it all – you’re guaranteed a moment to unwind! Let yourself be swept away by our new Tropical Mood collection, cocktail in hand! It has never been easier to bring tropical animals and a sense of festive good cheer into your home!


Tropical Mood

Tropical Mood is above all an invitation to relax and sip on a fruity cocktail in a resolutely wild urban jungle.

So, are you ready for an immersive journey of the most exotic where tropical animals roam freely in your interior?

The collection

While the bartender is busy shaking your cocktail in the shade of the palm trees, we're savouring our beverages, fascinated by the tropical animals and the flying macaw just overhead. Further on the horizon, the African savannah blends with the Brazilian tropics; a telltale sign that this atmosphere is open to others and to the world...

The journey is immersive: against the backdrop of Polo & Pan's Canopy, in a natural setting that is flourishing, Tropical Mood is an invitation to relax while sipping a fruity cocktail in a resolutely wild urban jungle.

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