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Arty Life

The inspirations mingle, merge and mix to reveal the neo-ethnic motifs that so aptly characterise the Arty Life collection.

The spontaneity of the associations builds a harmony that breathes a holiday breeze, calling for relaxation.

The terracotta dances with the ecru, writing a relaxing scene that is counterbalanced by black lines which assert the complexion of this collection. Like a signature in the room, an imprint of blue makes brief appearances, on the walls or on the floor, by an unexpected object placed there.

The collection

Crafted according to ancestral artisanal codes, natural materials such as the rattan of a piece of furniture, the rafia of a wall decoration or the metal of a mirror frame, breathe authenticity into the interior, offering a scene that liaises between past and future.

As if mirroring a life filled with escapism far from the hurly-burly of crowds, the Arty Life atmosphere feeds the need for a revitalising oasis where life is good.

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