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Back to the roaring twenties!

Curved and geometric shapes, opulent materials, gold and brass... there's no doubt about it: the Charleston trend is defined by the codes of Art Deco!

A decoration to take on!

The wallpaper imposes itself with large scale-like patterns in dark, velvety shades that give a crazy allure to the walls. Gold and brass adorn the legs of furniture, light fixtures and other decorative objects. The curtains are thick and textured, the cushions are rounded and sumptuous. Wooden furniture is often matched with other materials such as velvet, metalwork, lacquer or enamel. Mirrors and glassware complete this decor, which swings between sobriety and confident chic.

Charleston collection
Art Deco illustration

A bit of history...

Originating in the 1910s, the Art Deco style is a French artistic movement born in a very particular context. At the end of the war, the aim was to re-enchant everyday life, to have fun and innovate, to sever ties with the past. The codes of the Art Nouveau style that had been in vogue until then were...

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