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Elegant, contemporary and soothing, our Northern Forest ambiance boldly experiments with the Scandinavian style.

A mysterious green is combined with soft shades of pink blush and quartz pink, while the must-have blond wood is emphasised by refined hints of deep black. The Northern Forest range is an invitation to make time for yourself at home. Savour some organic tea, either with friends or alone but with a good book. Take time to relax while enjoying organic cosmetics from the French brand Avril and wrap yourself in a peaceful cocoon where relaxing and meditating will come easy.

One of a kind!

To create this unique atmosphere, combine urban materials such as black metal with textiles and natural wood. The right amount of colour is ensured through delicate touches here and there, and the various patterns adorn the walls thanks to our subtly vintage geometric wallpapers. The result is a revitalising, peaceful and unarguably modern atmosphere.

Northern Forest collection


Avril is a French brand of natural and organic cosmetics and beauty products at affordable prices! All Avril products are made in France and are certified Organic by the independent organizations Ecocert and Qualité France.

The AVRIL range
Dining room decor


Wallpapers, lighting, furniture, paint, curtains, cushions, decorative objects... Come discover the richness of the Northern Forest collection!

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