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Manufacturing flair

This atmosphere is based mainly on functionality and sobriety. We combine concrete and bricks that we warm up with washed linen curtains to keep the raw feel that is so inherent to this decorative style. For the smaller bits of decoration, we go for concrete candles and workshop pendant lights. For the furniture, we opt for metal and wood. In a bedroom you can make an OSB headboard or simply hang our imitation OSB wallpaper: the non-woven ASHLEY wallpaper!


Concrete is a solid and resistant material. It is highly valued for its architectural qualities and is also highly prized in interior design. A raw yet soft material which we like for its simplicity, its character and its light. All these characteristics can be found in the faux concrete wallpapers and adhesive panellings available from 4MURS!

Collection SOFT GREYS

Discover the full scope of decoration and lifestyle objects that make up the SOFT GREYS collection, so that you can create this atmosphere in your home!

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