Pixel Facebook PANTHER CHIC FEVER from 4MURS, animal print, leopard skin pattern
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Putting some roar into the decor!

Wild (but not too wild!), the Panther Chic Fever trend will settle itself in nicely in your home.
It's a totally bold trend which reveals all its cool potential through leopard print patterns and gold in delicate and elegant touches.

The combinations

We like to combine the leopard motif with materials such as velvet, dark wood and brushed brass, in order to create a captivating atmosphere. It also goes well with a chic and exotic style setting, as with the faux alligator wallpaper in a golden colourway accompanied by decorative objects representing palm trees, savannah animals...

The collection

The leopard print in fashion history

Some African tribal leaders were already wearing leopard skin to show their power and strength long before Christian Dior raised it to the rank of an iconic fashion motif in the 1950s.
From the 1970s onwards, it was the hippies, rockers and then punks who appropriated it to express their rebellion to the world.
In decoration, it is Madeleine Castaing who used it profusely to break the codes of interiors that she considered too classic.
In the mid-1990s, the leopard print made a winning comeback in the world of fashion with the great Italian designers Dolce & Gabanna, Versace and especially Roberto Cavalli, who used and abused it in his collections.
The leopard motif is today a basic fashion motif that remains the symbol of rebellious youth like Vivienne de Westwood who does not hesitate to pair it with her famous tartan for a mix & match win!

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